I am a philosopher of mind and cognitive science. Next fall I will be a Bersoff Faculty Fellow at NYU. I completed my dissertation at Rutgers under the supervision of Susanna Schellenberg. I also have  research and teaching interests in philosophy of biology,  philosophy of science, and philosophy of language.  

I work on empirical issues in cognitive science as well. I am a member of Manish Singh and Jacob Feldman's joint visual cognition lab at Rutgers, where I am completing a certificate in Cognitive Science with Manish Singh on the misperception of aspect ratio of two-dimensional surfaces. 

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My dissertation is primarily concerned with providing a scientifically informed theory of perceptual content -- a theory which purports to explain why a perceptual state represents one property rather than another.  This sometimes leads me to work on topics more squarely in the philosophy of biology. For example, the first chapter of my dissertation provides an alternative to both etiological and pragmatic theories of teleological function. This is helpful for those interested in pursuing a teleological theory of perceptual content but who also find the etiological aspect of such theories unappealing, such as myself.  Chapters: 

Rutgers Center for Cognitive Science (RUCCS) certificate project: 

My RUCCS project primarily consists in providing a Bayesian model of the misperception of aspect ratio of two-dimensional surfaces in light of recent experiments that have called into question the possibility of any such model. Click here for our VSS poster! 

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*All courses taught at Rutgers University - New Brunswick 

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You can listen to me talk about art and cognition with the philosopher Sascha Benjamin Fink on Dena Shottenkirk's public philosophy podcast talkPOPc here. You can read more about talkPOPc here